Volterra. A treasure trove made of stone and full of incredible artworks

This tour will allow you to discover every single corner of Volterra and especially those that make it so special and captivating. The highlights are: the ancient city gate “Porta all’Arco”; Piazza San Giovanni, home to the Cathedral and Baptistery, worthy of an in-depth visit; Piazza dei Priori with Palazzo dei Priori, which has been the city hall since the Middle Ages; a few typical tower houses which dot the street leading to the roman theater, another remarkable historical landmark; the church of San Michele; and the Fortress, which today houses a penitentiary.


This tour is suggested only for small groups, from 2 until 8 people.

Duration: 2 hours

Price of the tour:

  • 1-2 people 120,00 € total
  • 3-4 people  140,00 € total
  • 5-6 people  160,00 € total
  • 7-8 people  180,00 € total




The city as we can see it today dates back mainly to medieval times but it is even older than that. In fact, Volterra was founded by the etruscans around 7 hundred years BC and afterward enhanced by the romans in the first century AD. In the Middle Ages, beginning in 1200, the city flourished and many of the buildings which today shape its skyline were built.

Volterra is perched on a mountain top and dominates a large territory of fields, villages and woods. The view from up there is really stunning as well as the view of the city from a distance. Volterra seems unreachable seen from a afar. We look at it and wonder how they managed to construct this unique city. The mountain is over 500 meters high.


Add-on options:

  1. Entrance to the Pinacoteca (8,00 € each person), an art gallery that contains important works of art coming from churches and monasteries near Volterra;
  2. Entrance to the Etruscan Museum (8,00 € each person), an archaeological collection of ancient artworks and items dating back to the etruscan and roman times.