On the trail of Michelangelo in Florence


The public and the private way to celebrate the great artist Michelangelo


This tour retraces the footsteps of Michelangelo in Florence and includes the places where he is celebrated as a great artist both publicly and privately. The museum of the Galleria and the Casa Buonarroti museum.

Casa Buonarroti is 1.1 km (0.7 miles) from the Galleria, approximately 15 minutes on foot.

This tour is 2 hours long and is suitable for a small group, from 2 to 8 people.

It includes tickets to both museums.

It is highly recommended to book this tour 45 days in advance in order to reserve the tickets on time.

This tour is NOT available on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Duration: 2 hours

Price of the tour:

  • 1-2 people 170,00 € total
  • 3-4 people  220,00 € total
  • 5-6 people  270,00 € total
  • 7-8 people  320,00 € total




Michelangelo Buonarroti was born on the 6th of March 1475 in the village of Caprese, 113 km (70 miles) from the city of Florence. In those days his father Ludovico was working as a chief magistrate for the government of Florence. After a while he had to go back to Florence, leaving his son in the care of his nanny for two years. Michelangelo’s family had financial difficulties and he had to support his brothers’ children for his entire life. When his beloved nephew Leonardo got married, Michelangelo gave him the house in the district of Santa Croce, where he had previously lived. Later, in the XVII century, Leonardo’s son Michelangelo Il Giovane (The Younger) began to adorn the interiors of their house with artwork he had collected to celebrate his popular relative. This house thus became what it is today, Casa Buonarroti (the house of the Buonarroti).

One of the places in Florence where Michelangelo’s art is celebrated is the museum “Galleria dall’Accademia” (the Gallery of the Academy), where the famous David is displayed along with other sculptures by Michelangelo: San Matteo, the Quattro Prigioni (three slaves and an Atlas) and the Pietà of Palestrina, attributed to Michelangelo.

Another one is Casa Buonarroti, which houses the very first sculptures that Michelangelo sculpted as a young man, like the Battaglia dei Centauri and the Madonna della Scala. And there is an entire gallery adorned with frescoes and other artworks that depict and celebrate the art and life of Michelangelo.