Livorno by public bus

A green alternative to enjoy another aspect of Tuscany

This tour will allow you to discover the 3 interesting aspects of Livorno: The port city of the Medici, the seafront district and the hills overlooking the city. It is designed as a hop on-hop off trip by bus, during which we can get off at the sites included in the tour. The starting point is the Livorno Centrale train station, from where the public bus “LAM blu” departs. This city bus will take us downtown Livorno, from where we can visit the canal district and the Mercato Centrale, where fresh produce and other goods are sold daily. The old port is only a few minutes away. From here get back on the city bus to go to the terrazzo Mascagni, a charming seafront terrace located along the promenade. We can stop at a lovely coffee shop near here then take a short troll further down to the Navy Academy. From here we then take the city bus to the hilltop village of Montenero and the cable car to the Sanctuary.


Duration: 2/3 hours

Prices of the tour:

  • 1-2 people 130,00 € total
  • 3-4 people 150,00 € total
  • 5-6 people 170,00 € total
  • 7-8 people 190,00 € total



The port city of Livorno was founded between 1577 and 1606 by the Medici family, who had just become Great Dukes of Tuscany. They wanted to participate in the international trade routes and started promoting the new port of Livorno as safe and efficient to any merchant who required one.

A few buildings dating from the Medici period have survived in Livorno, like the canal quarter, known as “Venezia Nuova” (New Venice), and two fortresses, which now define the skyline of the old city. Livorno is a true Renaissance city if we look at its layout and characteristics: a moated, walled and fortified pentagonal city with a large, central square and a grid of streets.

Beyond its historic center Livorno looks different because of its long seaside promenade and several viewpoints towards the open sea. Along the seafront there is an aquarium, a grand hotel, beach clubs, coffee shops, the Navy Academy and a church.

The best vantage points affording views over Livorno are Montenero, a hilltop village located a few kilometers south of the city, where there is an important sanctuary consecrated to Our Lady of Montenero, patron saint of Tuscany.