About me

Chi Sono in viaggio Pierino Marconcini

 Welcome to Pierino’s tour

My name is Pierino and I am a licensed tour guide.

I was born and still live in Livorno, the main port city of Tuscany, Italy.

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When I took my degree in “foreign literatures and languages” at the University of Pisa, I thought that tourism was the right thing for me. In fact, I can communicate the passion I have for the history and art of my territory by speaking foreign languages.

Chi Sono Pierino Marconcini


It’s already been 13 years since I started working: I like  organizing tours for independent travelers who come to visit the main places in Tuscany. Especially, I’m a licensed tour guide for Florence, Pisa, Volterra, Lucca and Livorno.
I like my job very much and as a matter of fact every day I can meet different people coming from different parts of the world. I really enjoy a lot sharing emotions, impressions, opinions that a hilly landscape for instance, a sunset by the seaside, an old church in the countryside or even a painting or sculpture in an art gallery can give.