2nd time in Pisa? Here is my plan

If this is your second time in Pisa, it means that you have already seen the famous Leaning Tower and the impressive “Piazza dei Miracoli”. My plan is to take you to the old center of Pisa and show you many other important sites such as the riverside, elegant squares and churches, buildings and viewpoints.
This tour “The other side of Pisa” is meant to show more than the only Leaning Tower and is mainly recommended for small groups.
Those are the sites along this itinerary: the “Ponte di Mezzo”, the main bridge on the river Arno; the “Borgo Stretto” and “Corso Italia” which together make the main shopping street; the “Palazzo Gambacorti”, the City Hall; the “Piazza delle Vettovaglie”, the old market square; the “Piazza dei Cavalieri”, surrounded with elegant buildings which today house the University.


Duration: 2 hours


Prices of the tour:

  • 1-2 people 130,00 € total
  • 3-4 people 145,00 € total
  • 5-6 people 160,00 € total
  • 7-8 people 175,00 € total




The city of Pisa is very old, in fact it was first populated six centuries BC by the Etruscans and after by the Romans, who made it a very important and strategic port city. In the centuries Pisa kept doing commerce in the Mediterranean and finally in the XI century became a “Comune” (independent city state) and one of the “Four Sea Republics”, next to Genova, Venezia and Amalfi. In the meanwhile, the river Arno made gradually the port inaccessible because it flooded repeatedly and constantly. At the end the port was completely closed down and the economy collapsed. Soon after the city of Florence conquered definitively Pisa (1509). A new era began for Pisa: the University was refounded and today it is one of the most important in Italy, especially what concerns scientific disciplines, such as physics, mathematics, medicine and so on.